Sabor a Mexico DK Offers you 4 Main
Mexican Catering Packages

Chiles, Hibiscus Flower, Achiote
Mexican candy bags

Sabor a Mexico DK is expanding  its product line through synergies to promote the great Mexican culture all over Denmark. 

Who are we?

Sabor a Mexico DK has the mission to show why the authentic Mexican food and traditions are loved around the world!!!

Sabor a Mexico DK is a platform that combines catering, webshop, tutorials, recipes and blogs to show that Authentic Mexican food and traditions can be found in Denmark.

Sabor a Mexico DK is looking for the next partner.

Are you a Mexican entrepreneur?

Do you live in Europe?

Are you looking how to promote your business online?

Visit our blog to learn more about the many interesting Mexican quirks and traditions.

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